Kissing Jessica Stein - Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt) just can't find Mr. Right, and very much wants -- needs -- to. Helen (Heather Jurgensen) has plenty of men, but suddenly has a yen to try women. So begins this breezy, funny story of experiments in lesbianism. But the film's message is a mixed one, and it's hard to tell whether the writers (who are also the leads) approve, disapprove or have no opinions about the lifestyle. There are also some deliberately raunchy moments that really stick out uncomfortably, but the jazz vocal soundtrack is a keeper. Buy the CD. One night at the Met, Thursday May 9, at 5:30 and 8 pm. (ES) RATED: R

The New Guy - Skinny, dorky DJ Qualls (Road Trip) plays a skinny, dorky high schooler who, after spending a brief spell in prison, learns how to be THE MAN when he checks into a new school. Apparently, all one has to do is get a new hairdo, walk with a swagger and act like a jerk. This is a truly awful film, brimming with unfunny sight gags and idiotic, unsympathetic characters. It's so dull, the best part of watching it is to forget the plot and notice how bad the editing is. (ES) Rated PG-13

Ultimate X - The note under the Rated PG symbol says it all: "Daredevil sports action and mild language." Damn straight, dude! ESPN's wildly popular Summer X Games 2001 in Philadelphia come to life on the five-story IMAX screen, with breathtaking footage of street luge, moto X, biking, skateboarding and more. Perhaps the disclaimer from the movie poster says it better: "The most insane action sports sequences ever filmed." Be sure to use the bathroom before the movie starts. RATED: PG

Unfaithful - One of Director Adrian Lyne's sexiest films, Unfaithful is one more cautionary tale about keeping your pants up, yet it has a tactile sense of the tease of infidelity, the thrill and guilt of doing the wrong thing. Based on a classic French thriller, Lyne's work with actors is as assured as his sense of space and touch: Diane Lane is heartachingly good, Richard Gere confounded as her straight-arrow husband and Olivier Martinez charming as the man in the middle. (RP) RATED: R

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