by Inlander Staff

Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights -- If there's one thing Adam Sandler likes, it's making up crazy voices. And in this animated, not-really-for-kids feature, he gets to take on not one but three. Davey is a 33-year-old whose partying lifestyle has gotten him in trouble with the law. He's given a choice: community service or go to jail. Opting for the former, Davey finds himself helping out as an assistant referee for youth basketball (which is where the other two voices come in to play). Rated: PG

Extreme Ops -- Dude.... It's like one of those Mountain Dew commercials come to life. In the Austrian alps, a group of filmmakers inadvertently captures a Serbian war criminal on film, rather than the extreme sports nuts they were supposed to be filming for a commercial. Now these attractive young folks must run, ski, snowboard, sky dive, base-jump and whitewater river-raft for their lives! Rated: PG-13

Solaris -- Steven Soderbergh directs this remake of the 1972 film, based on Stanislaw Lem's classic sci-fi novel. George Clooney plays Dr. Kelvin, an astronaut sent to rescue scientists from a space station mishap, only to find their commander dead and two survivors haunted by what they have seen. Stranger yet, Kelvin discovers that his dead wife (Natasha McElhone) is still alive. Soderbergh has summarized his film as 2001: A Space Odyssey meets The Last Tango in Paris. What more do you need to know? Rated: PG-13

Treasure Planet -- The team that brought you The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Hercules now animates the buried-treasure-hunt classic by Robert Louis Stevenson, fusing the worlds of spacers and swashbucklers. There's some commentary on fathers and sons, but it's kept light, and much joy in how the animators have filtered the world of pirates through a Star Trek mentality. The windsail-rocket and lunar space port sequences are just awesome enough to lure little buccaneers back the world of reading. Rated: PG (Michael Bowen)

They -- Wes Craven presents his latest scary/oogly flick, and this time it has to do with a young grad student whose night terrors are linked to the nightmares she -- and several others -- suffered in their footie pajama days. Could it be that the "things that go bump in the night" are not only real, but want something? Chances are, it's not milk and cookies. Rated: PG-13

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