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AMC Classic Film Festival -- Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd are three unemployed parapsychology professors who battle ectoplasm, poltergeists and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man in Friday night's showing of Ghostbusters (1984, PG). Saturday night, it's Matthew Broderick in John Hughes' Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986, PG). Sunday you can spend three hours running up and down every single level of the Titanic with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) until the inevitable weepy conclusion in 1997's Titanic (PG-13).

Ghost Ship -- A long-lost 1953 passenger ship is found floating, deserted, in the Bering Sea. The salvage crew (Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Isaiah Washington) begin preparations to tow it to land, but as soon as they go on board, all sorts of weird, freaky things start happening. Rated: R

Jackass: The Movie -- It's no wonder Paramount Pictures and MTV post that little disclaimer: "[We] insist that neither you nor your dumb little buddies attempt what you're about to see" at the beginning of Jackass: The Movie. Because even though we know these stunts -- things like going on a golf-cart rampage and plowing headfirst into a rack of bowling pins -- are really, really stupid, we can't help thinking they'd be really, really fun. Rated R

Moonlight Mile -- In the distant but musically insistent 1970s, Jake Gyllenhaal mourns the death of his girlfriend for all too long, remaining in the lives of her parents, Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon. There's a weird mix of tones that's alternately thrilling and annoying; Gyllenhaal remains charming, but kind of a one-note hottie. From writer/director Brad Silberling (City of Angels), based on events in his own life. (RP) Rated: PG-13

Mostly Martha -- In the genre of foodie romance movies, Sandra Nettelbeck's Mostly Martha is a worthy addition: beautifully lit food in an airy restaurant set is just the backdrop for a sweet romance about sudden changes in the orderly life of Martha, a head chef in Hamburg. Enter Italian chef Sergio Castellitto; spice and sparks ensue. (RP) Rated: PG Playing at the Met Cinema on Saturday, Oct. 26, at 2:30, 5:30 and 8 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 5:30 and 8 pm and Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 2:30 and 5:30 pm.

Pokemon 4Ever -- Think you know all the various sizes, shapes and child-friendly varieties of Pokemon? Think again. This movie introduces the previously undiscovered Celebi, a sort of Tinkerbell-like Pokemon, who befriends a young boy and takes him for a ride into the future. Rated: G

Swept Away -- Guy Ritchie's a guy's guy, and making a movie with the Missus seems the worst of ideas: not because the production would cause marital disharmony, but because the super-tan, super-sinewy Madonna cannot act. (RP) Rated: R

The Truth About Charlie -- Jonathan Demme takes a crack at remaking Stanley Donen's Charade with mostly good results. The Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn roles now go to Mark Wahlberg and Thandie Newton (much improved from Beloved). And the zippy story of murder and missing money looks and feels great in today's Paris. (ES) Rated: PG-13

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