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Anger Management -- Jack Nicholson is back to his old mugging, leering, scene-stealing self as a psychiatrist court-ordered to help Adam Sandler with his "anger problem." The good doctor's techniques are a little bit questionable as he insists on moving in with his patient and even sleeping in the same bed (which, we're sure, the American Psychological Association isn't crazy about). Look for in-joke cameos by noted hotheads from the world of sports. Rated: PG-13

**** Apollo 13 -- Ron Howard's 1995 study of bad luck in the space program gets a booster rocket-like push up into the world of big screen movies with this transfer to IMAX. Mechanical failures and emotional shortcomings during the 1970 flight to the moon and back are at the forefront of this adventure film, which features a little comedy with a lot of tension; a solid, ensemble performance; directing scope that ranges from epic grandeur to subtle touches; and a mix of news and entertainment TV footage from that era, along with some A-one visuals. The liftoff of the rocket -- all fake -- is amazing to behold. (ES) Rated PG

House of a Thousand Corpses -- Rural Texas is as good a place as any for this freaky, scary, homage to 1970s exploitation films. Written and directed by Rob Zombie, the narrative follows two couples searching for an elusive madman known only as "Dr. Satan." What they find instead is an evil mob of Dr. Satan's murderous followers. Rated: R

Nicholas Nickleby -- Charles Dickens' beloved tale gets the art film treatment in this visually stunning adaptation. Young Nicholas (Charlie Hunnam) enjoys a comfortable life, but of course, this being Dickens, it's not for very long. When his father dies, the family is destitute, so Nicholas, his mother and his sister travel to London to see if their Uncle Ralph (Christopher Plummer) can help. Instead of finding refuge, the family is separated and Nicholas is sent to a horrific school run by the wicked Wackford Squeers (Jim Broadbent). Also starring Anne Hathaway, Juliet Stevenson, Alan Cumming and Barry Humphries (who is perhaps most well known as Dame Edna). Rated: PG (Showing at the Met on Wednesday, April 9, at 3, 5:30 and 8 pm and Friday, April 11, at 5:30 and 8 pm.)

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