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Bend it Like Beckham -- More than anything, Jess (Parminder Nagra) wants to be a soccer superstar like her idol David Beckham. Her traditional Indian family wants her to lay off the soccer practice and take up her sari like a good future Indian bride. But Jess is growing up in London, her best friend loves soccer as much as she does and her new coach is a handsome lad (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Can Jess bend the rules and follow her dreams without upsetting her family? Rated: PG-13

Bulletproof Monk -- You gotta keep an eye on those magical scrolls that confer unlimited power. That's the premise behind the newest Chow Yun-Fat vehicle, Bulletproof Monk. Yun-Fat plays a Tibetan kung fu master who has devoted his life to protecting the scroll. Seann William Scott plays his unlikely successor, a street punk with amazing martial arts skills. Together they form an alliance to keep the scroll out of evil hands. Rated: PG-13

**** Holes -- The popular kids novel by Louis Sachar gets Disneyized, but the story's hint of toughness is intact. A teenager is framed for a theft and sent to a reform school summer camp, where the evil warden (Sigourney Weaver) forces all the kids to dig deep holes throughout the desert. It seems that she's looking for something, and through a series of flashbacks, that something is eventually made clear. There's a funny, over-the-top performance by Jon Voigt, as another villain, and the mostly unknown young actors make convincing inmates. Some of the violence might frighten the very young. (ES) Rated PG

*** Malibu's Most Wanted -- Brad Gluckman's father (Ryan O'Neal) is running for governor of California. But he realizes that the antics of Brad (Jamie Kennedy), who wants only to live the black, hip-hop lifestyle, might be a liability to his campaign. So he hires black actors to kidnap him and "scare him white." This is an alternately hilarious and sweet and slightly edgy movie about the desire to be yourself. (ES) Rated PG-13

The R.M. -- Every now and then Spokane seems to get these limited-release Mormon special interest films, and The R.M. fits that niche. Young Jared is a Mormon missionary whose one-year stint is up and he's about to return to "normal" life. Problem is, his girlfriend has found another, his slacker best friend wants to coast through life and even his loving-but-chaotic family has forgotten he was coming home (nice Sixteen Candles touch). A comedy for audiences "of any faith." Rated: PG

**** Don't Miss It *** Worth $7 ** Wait For The Video * Save Your Money

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Publication date: 04/17/03

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