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**** Dirty Pretty Things -- Dirty Pretty Things, from a screenplay by one of the co-creators of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" and directed by Stephen Frears, is a rich genre entry that turns the stuff of urban legend -- the misplaced human organ in the hotel room -- into a cool thriller about London's underground. It explores our notions of commerce, examining that which is tolerated -- using immigrants to fill unwanted jobs -- and that which horrifies -- body parts -- as a telling symbol for the exploitation of humans in general. Chewitil Ejiofo gives a central performance of such fluent complexity that one thinks of the transparent but profoundly effective grace of Michael Caine or Gene Hackman: Ejiofor, only 25, quietly embodies that kind of control in each and every scene he's in. With Audrey Tautou. (RP) Rated: R

** L'Auberge Espagnole -- Directed by Cedric Klapisch. A sunny year in Spain, as grad students from several European countries converge on a teeming communal house in Barcelona: shot on digital video, it's good breezy comic fun. With Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Judith Godreche. (RP) Rated: R (Playing at the Met Cinema on Aug. 23, 25 and 28.

Marci X -- Some voices were never made to rap -- and Lisa Kudrow should know better -- but here it is anyway. She plays a New York socialite whose dad -- a high-powered record exec -- has just been sent to the hospital by sagging record sales and a PMRC-type brouhaha concerning Dr. S, their star rapper. Kudrow's character, Marci, doesn't know ghetto rap from gift wrap, but that doesn't stop her from jumping in there and trying to save her dad's business all the same. Rated: R

Medallion -- Jackie Chan (looking craggier all the time) stars as a detective who finds himself in cahoots with a private investigator (Claire Forlani) and a British agent (Lee Evans) as they all try to bust an international slave cartel. Rated: R

My Boss's Daughter -- Even though he's dating 40-something Demi Moore, Ashton Kucher is forced to play with kids his own age when he's on screen. Here, it's Tara Reid, who plays the titular role. Kucher plays a guy whose boss leaves town and asks him to house-sit. What his boss doesn't tell him is that house guest after house guest is gonna be stopping by, leaving him hardly a second alone with the girl of his dreams. Rated: PG-13

**** Don't Miss It *** Worth $8 ** Wait For The Video * Save Your Money

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