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**** The Fellowship of The Ring -- Select cities, including ours, are getting a chance to experience the first two installments, both expanded with additional material, before Return of the King opens on Dec. 17. In 2001, our Ed Symkus summed up Fellowship of the Ring thusly: "The world of Tolkien's Middle-earth comes vividly to life in Kiwi director Peter Jackson's adaptation of the story of little Frodo (Elijah Wood) and big Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and the other hobbits, elves and humans. The Fellowship undertakes a long trek to the land of Mordor, where they must conduct some business about a powerful magic ring. The film is of epic proportions, with great performances in front of and among stunning visuals." The Two Towers will replace Fellowship of the Ring on Dec. 12. RATED: PG-13

Honey -- Jessica Alba is a bootylicious young dancer from the inner city, whose name, incidentally, really is "Honey." She is discovered by a movie mogul who thinks Honey should maybe sweeten up his biscuits if she wants to hit the big time. But, mister, Honey don't play that. Rated: R

**** The Last Samurai -- Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe are the washed-up American soldier and the soon-to-be-extinct Samurai warrior who are initially at odds but eventually come to admire and respect each other. Taking place in 19th century Japan, this is the story of cultures clashing and a world changing. It's magnificently photographed and choreographed, featuring battle scenes that will leave you breathless, and monologues and silences that make it a study of humanity. (ES) Rated R

**** Don't Miss It *** Worth $8 ** Wait For The Video * Save Your Money

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Publication date: 12/04/03

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