by Inlander Staff & r & Broken Flowers -- Bill Murray plays aging playboy Don Johnston (get it? Don Juan...), who gets dumped by his current squeeze and discovers he has a 20-year-old son he's never met. Question is, who's the mom? It's all so foggy and dude, it was the '80s.... Don sets out on a road trip looking up any old flames (Tilda Swinton, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone) who might fit the bill. Jim Jarmusch directs this ambitious ensemble effort, which he reportedly wrote with Murray in mind. (SB) Rated R

The 40 Year Old Virgin -- Comedy starring Steve Carell and Catherine Keener about a regular 40-year-old guy with a cushy electronics store job and an impressive action figure collection. He may have just fallen in love with a woman, but he sure doesn't want any of that grody sex stuff. Co-written by Carell. (MC) Rated R

Red Eye -- There's tension right from the start, much of it coming from the frighteningly blue eyes of Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) as he turns from charming stranger to menacing seat-mate of Rachel McAdams on a late-night flight from Texas to Florida. If she doesn't help him with his evil plot, he'll have her father killed. There's even more nerve-racking fun after the plane lands. (ES) Rated PG-13

Supercross -- "Fear nothing, risk everything" is the tagline for this lightweight diversion featuring a young, "up and coming" cast (Hollywoodese for "no one you've heard of") and more action and gasoline-wasting than you're probably comfortable with. The "plot" is recycled and thoroughly predictable: Faced with the suspicious death of their father, two brothers must motivate one another to get back on their bikes and take the Las Vegas Motocross Championships by storm. (MC) Rated PG-13

Valiant -- This British-made animated comedy -- starring the voices of Ewan McGregor, Tim Curry, Hugh Laurie, John Cleese and John Hurt, among many other recognizables -- tells the tale of a downtrodden wood pigeon named Valiant, who overcomes his diminutive stature to become a feathery hero in Great Britain's Royal Air Force Homing Pigeon Service during World War II. It's based ever so loosely on actual homing pigeon flights that brought vital messages about enemy movements from mainland Europe and across the English Channel to Allied commanders in the UK. (MC) Rated G

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