by Inlander Staff & r & King Kong -- Peter Jackson's dream remake of the fabled 1933 film lives up to expectations, though it's a bit long at three hours. But the story of the giant ape and the pretty blonde he goes ape over is told with excitement, humor, horror and some "romantic" longing. Visual effects are top of the line, from the T-Rex fight to Kong's trampling of New York City. Great screaming from Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, and superb specialized acting from Andy Serkis (Gollum in LOTR) as Kong. (ES) Rated PG-13

The Family Stone -- I loved "Dance to the Music." What? Sly's not in this? Oh. Apparently, this comedy is simply going to rip off the Bay Area's all-time most funkalicious band. With Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams, I suppose it wants to be this year's Yuletide Wedding Crashers. Wilson wants to marry Claire Danes, who plays a hard-driving New York businesswoman, but his parents (Diane Keaton and Spokane's Craig T. Nelson) can't tolerate her. Sly could've taught this Family Stone a lesson: different strokes for different folks, baby. Rated PG-13

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