by Inlander Staff & r & Domino & r & An opening credit suggests this is "sort of" based on the real story of Domino Harvey, a rich kid turned model turned bounty hunter. This wild, violent and often funny film heads out on some off-the-wall tangents and an enjoyably absurd Las Vegas climax. Keira Knightley plays the lead role with abandon, and is both hot and tough. Great stuff from Mickey Rourke and newcomer Edgar Ramirez as her co-workers. Christopher Walken gets to be nutty. (ES) Rated R

Elizabethtown & r & Orlando Bloom looks even cuter than normal after he gets fired, dumped and finds out his dad died. That's the premise of this film. Kirsten Dunst is a plucky, free-spirited flight attendant who tries to steer him toward love whilst his kooky family undoubtedly tries to drive him insane. Rated PG 13

The Fog & r & What's scarier than the rain? The Fog. Selma Blair and the WB's Superman get stuck in the mist ... at night. What they don't realize is, something sinister from the past has rolled in along with the storm front. This is going to get PG-13 scary. Be on the lookout this winter for: The Sleet. Rated PG-13

Junebug & r & Its great strength lies in the immediacy of the script. There are no grand soliloquies, no explanatory asides, no flashbacks, no tearful confessions. There are only people getting to know other people, in the moment, with all that entails. There's a stark, isolated beauty in the act of discovery here, and the film ends with something far more complicated than mere resolution. It's closer to a stalemate and, in that sense, it's almost like life. At Met Cinema, Oct. 16-19.

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