by Inlander Staff & r & The Weather Man -- Nicholas Cage's great performance as a well-paid TV forecaster, who's also a nervous wreck of a bad husband and father (no matter how hard he tries to do it right) is what propels the already terrific seriocomic script up a couple of notches. I've always preferred Cage's sad-eyed comic roles, and this is a strong one, with equally good turns by Hope Davis as his wife and Michael Caine as his (American-accented) dad. (ES) Rated R

Saw II -- Wasn't it enough to see Saw the first time? Do we really need a whole other movie about Seesaw, the homicidal cancer patient? Yes? All right, but if the first was a pretty blatant rip off of Se7en and Rube Goldberg's Inventions!, and this is a rehash of that, then we all know what to expect. Is knowing what to expect scary? We'd say no, but thousands upon thousands of horror flick sequels would beg to differ. Rated R

Legend of Zorro -- "People still need Zorro!" Columbia Pictures is trying so hard to believe that, they went so far as to write it into the movie itself. Not merely content to let him be Zorro the swashbuckler, Legend of Zorro offers us Zorro the husband, Zorro the father, and -- God bless him -- Zorro the Savior of America. Nobody around here has seen it yet, but the stench Zorro has generated in larger movie markets is already wafting in. God Bless the Internet. Rated PG

Prime -- So you're sleeping with this older chick, right? And she tells you that she's been giving her shrink all the details. It kind of freaked you out at first, but now you think it's pretty hot. So it's all sizzling, steamy sailing until you find out this shrink is also ... wait for it ... your mother! Snap! Prime looks to be a zesty little menopausal-but-still-horny flick about bondage and the family ties that bind. Starring Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. Rated PG-13

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