by Inlander Staff & r & The Greatest Game Ever Played -- Yes, golf on film can be exciting. This Disney production tells the true story of Francis Ouimet, a caddie with dreams of becoming a golf pro, or at least of someday playing on the fancy private club course across from his home. For him to compete in the 1913 U.S. Open would be beyond a dream. Bill Paxton directs with pizzazz. (ES) Rated PG

A History of Violence -- One of director David Cronenberg's best and most accessible films, this tells what happens when a laid-back small-town fellow (Viggo Mortensen) performs a brave deed and becomes an overnight hero, unfortunately attracting some negative out-of-town attention, and suddenly finding his family life crumbling under the pressure. (ES) Rated R

Oliver Twist -- Roman Polanski serves up a faithful, wonderfully acted, purposely drab-looking version of the sprawling Charles Dickens novel about young pickpockets in 19th-century London, and the young boy who comes into their fold. Ben Kingsley gives us a terrific, twinkle-eyed Fagin, and Jamie Foreman is chilling as Bill Sykes. (ES) Rated PG-13

Serenity -- The failed (but excellent) Fox TV show Firefly turns up on the big screen with the rogue spaceship named Serenity on the run from the powerful Alliance. The captain (Nathan Fillion) is a swaggering wiseguy, who won't let them have the mysterious woman (Summer Glau) they seek. Great visuals, plenty of action, good laughs, a couple of shocks. (ES) Rated PG-13

Grizzly Man -- More than just a documentary about a dude and his grizzlies -- which he lives alone with, in the wilderness -- Grizzly Man is also a tale about supreme self-absorption and hubris. Director Werner Herzog cobbles together Timothy Treadwell's own film clips into a bizarre and affecting look at the man himself, rather than simply his bizarre circumstance. Rated R

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