by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Sentinel -- Is that Jack Bauer? On the big screen? Yeah ... we think it's -- no, wait, it's just Keifer Sutherland cashing in on his 24 role. Sutherland plays some sort of federal law-bringer who is charged with finding a man who is plotting to kill the president. He follows the clues straight to -- wait for it -- his boss, the sexily innocent-looking geezer Michael Douglas. Rated PG-13

Friends With Money -- Four longtime pals -- played by Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack, Frances McDormand (who all live very comfortable lives) and Jennifer Aniston (who ekes by as a house cleaner) -- regularly meet to chat and complain. The well-off ones have husbands, while the broke one has as much trouble with men as with money. This is a look at strengths and weaknesses in relationships, and the powerful bond of friendship. Serious matters, often treated with nicely placed humor. (ES) Rated R

Silent Hill -- It's based on a videogame, but it looks like it's got higher production value than your average console-to-silver-screen port. Plus, it's directed by a French dude, Christophe Gans, with at least one good horrorish film under his belt (Brotherhood of the Wolf). Though full of cutting-edge effects, this is really an age-old story: woman loses daughter, woman searches for daughter -- and instead finds the heart of all evil. Rated R.

American Dreamz -- If you wanted to satirize George W. Bush, American Idol and suicide bombers, you might think you'd need to write three separate scripts. American Dreamz, though, explodes that notion. When a dummie president (Dennis Quaid) wants to be a guest judge on a pop idol show called American Dreamz, the Arab contestant (originally brought on for diversity and flava) is coerced into blowing up the POTUS on live TV. Rated PG-13

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