by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Beerfest -- Why do they always wait till the end of summer to release the true blockbusters? This one's about a secret beer-guzzling competition held behind the friendly fa & ccedil;ade of Oktoberfest in Germany. When some American dudes stumble upon the festivities, it's time to prove once and for all who can party hardest. The Germans may have invented beer, but don't forget: It was Americans who came up with the beer bong. Rated R

How to Eat Fried Worms -- On the first day back at school, everybody knows the drill: Don't do anything that will earn you a hard-to-shake nickname or get you beat up. Poor fifth-grader Billy; on his first day at a new school, he picks a fight with the playground bully. Only by answering the challenge in the film's title can he survive the day. Sounds goofy, but it's based on the book, which has been a top seller among kids since it was written in 1973. Rated PG

Invincible -- The latest in an endless series of true "inspirational" sports stories that Hollywood likes to pump out with regularity. The Philadelphia Eagles suck so bad they decide to hold open tryouts. Enter 30-year-old Vince, a schoolteacher and bartender who knows how to catch and run and save the day at every local sandlot football game with the guys. It won't surprise anyone that he tries out and survives cut after cut and ... well, there's no point in giving away an ending that everyone will know is coming well before they sit down. Sometimes formula works, but not very often. And Invincible is certainly no Friday Night Lights. (ES) Rated PG

Little Miss Sunshine -- An extended family trying to be as normal as possible -- despite a gay, suicidal uncle (Steve Carell), a 10-year-old bucktoothed, bespectacled beauty queen (Abigail Breslin) and a son (Paul Dano) who refuses to talk after reading Nietzsche -- embark on a trip to California for the Little Miss Sunshine pageant. Sure it's a road film (overdone plotline) and a beauty pageant film (overdone indie plotline), but Carell hasn't let us down yet, and Greg Kinnear is on a mini-roll. Rated R

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