by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Art School Confidential & r & If you like alligator-clamp nipple electrocutions -- and we mean really like them -- then this is probably your flick. Based on a graphic novel and screenplay by the writer of Ghost World, it's a look at the world of academic art through the eyes of an idealistic young kid (Max Minghella). Rated R

Just My Luck & r & God, has it been a year already since the last Lindsay Lohan star vehicle? We barely survived without her inoffensive brand of quasi-magic-realist hucksterism. This time, she's a super-lucky prom-queen turned sorority prez turned successful business woman-type girl whose luckiness vanishes when she bumps into a decidedly unlucky dude and they magically switch places. Freakyish Fridays ensue. Rated PG-13

Poseidon & r & The film has no idea that 9/11 happened, which is refreshing, in a way. It just wants to be Hollywood-brainless and old-fashioned about putting gorgeous people in danger and blowing stuff up real good. Who knew there was so much on a cruise ship that could explode so spectacularly? Poseidon thus harkens back to the day when we could all enjoy seeing beautiful and handsome movie stars die dramatically for our entertainment. (MJ) Rated PG-13

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