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James Bond is reborn, and the new one -- Daniel Craig -- may be poised to take over the "most popular" crown from Sean Connery. This adaptation of Ian Fleming's first novel presents the Bond that Fleming wrote about -- a grim, determined agent who doesn't bother with any one-liners. He's there to get the job done -- in this case, beating a villain out of his money at a poker game and, of course, driving fast, bedding beautiful women and constantly escaping death. This kick-ass movie gives the franchise a needed shot in the arm, and it gives viewers a reason to hold on tight while watching. (ES) Rated PG-13

Fast Food Nation

A fictionalized adaptation of Eric Schlosser's 2004 nonfiction book on the dirty little secrets of the fast food industry. The book exposed readers to filthy kitchens, on-the-job sexual harassment, the plight of undocumented workers and the deplorable conditions of meat-packing plants and abattoirs. Whether director Richard Linklater's large ensemble cast can more widely broadcast that message without sacrificing grit remains to be seen. Rated R

Happy Feet

Robin Williams is so much funnier when you can't see his face. Here he plays several different penguins in this tale of flightless birds who choose mates by their ability to sing. Tough luck for Mumble (Elijah Wood), who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but sure can tap a mean game. (At IMAX, AMC and Regal) Rated PG


One of Jim Henson's darker films, Labyrinth tells the fairy-taleish story of a young girl (Jennifer Connelly) struggling to find her way through a surreal labyrinth after wishing that David Bowie would take her baby brother away forever. The movie's literal twists and turns give Henson plenty of opportunities to confront audiences with the outlandish creatures he specialized in, although Bowie's performance as a singing, dancing, puppet-surrounded goblin king takes the weird prize. At the Garland, Friday and Saturday at midnight. (MD) Rated PG

Let's Go to Prison

How many "drop the soap" jokes can fit into a single motion picture? Dax Shepard, from Punk'd, attempts to find out in this comedy based on a book by an ex-con. Rated R

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