by Inlander Staff & r & & r & FRACTURE & r & & r & We like Anthony Hopkins and we like Ryan Gosling. We're unsure, however, about their pairing in this flick about a cuckolded sociopath (well-worn career territory for Hopkins) who kills his wife then toys with the young DA (Gosling) assigned to the case. Let the cat-and-mouse-ery begin. (LB) Rated R


The boys who gave us Shaun of the Dead are back in town, this time hilariously spoofing cop-buddy films. Simon Pegg plays a London cop who's so good at the job, he's sent away to a small village so other city cops won't look bad. When villagers start getting knocked off -- and authorities are convinced they're all accidents -- our hero, and his well-meaning oaf of a partner (Nick Frost) literally leap into action. As violent as it is funny. (ES) Rated R


The OC gets creepy when TV writer Carter Webb (Adam Brody, whom you love as Seth Cohen) gets dumped by his actress girlfriend and moves back to his family home to get his head straight. He winds up befriending a mother and her two daughters, changing their lives and his forever... especially when he makes out tough with the high-school-aged one. Age of consent, y'all. (LB) Rated PG-13


Motel Thrillers are where moderately attractive nice-guy actors sometimes go to get edgy. It never works (peep John Cusack in Identity if you don't believe me), but the compulsion persists. Here Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale seek refuge in a sketchy hotel after a rainstorm, where they unwittingly become the stars of a snuff film. Oops. (LB) Rated R

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