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The second sequel in the Bourne series takes everything up a couple of notches, while revisiting the same territory that made the first two films so good. Matt Damon returns as the amnesia-suffering former CIA agent, regularly chased and shot at by his own people, for reasons that are eventually revealed. But there's also trouble between members of the CIA camp (David Strathairn, Joan Allen) who dislike each other. With great chases, on foot and by car, a dazzling look at cities the world over, and a fantastic fistfight, this is an excellent addition to the Bourne film catalogue. (ES) Rated PG-13


How the producers at Lions Gate plan to turn slutty dolls into icons of radical high school individuality I don't know, but their plan starts with departing from the crass straight-to-video computer animation product tie-in films by going live action. God help us. (LB) Rated PG


The kid who gave Saturday Night Live "Dick in the Box" and other such digital shorts now gets his own feature. Supported by Isla Fisher, Ian McShane and SNL cohorts Bill Hader and Chris "Every Character's the Same" Parnell, Andy Samberg stars as a bumbling, self-proclaimed stunt man who jumps 15 buses to raise money for a life-saving heart operation for his abusive stepfather - whose ass Samberg intends to kick upon recovery. Could be feeble, but odds go up to anybody who can weave comedy gold from a gift-wrapped Johnson. (JS) Rated PG-13


Frederik Du Chau loves his animal movies, and is now directing this monster of a "dog movie." Watching the trailer, one reminisces not about the old George of the Jungle and Rocky and Bullwinkle classic humor (let alone the actual Underdog cartoon), but about such charmers as Cats and Dogs -- let's hope not. Does Du Chau think he can make us believe that a real and ever-too-present computer-animated beagle can replace that lovable, clumsy and -- most importantly -- animated janitor-dog we all know and love? Let's hope Jason Lee can bring some of his persevering comedic charm to the stage as the voice of Underdog. (KM) Rated PG

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