by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS & r & & r & For anyone living in the last quarter of the 20th century, this needs no introduction. The classic Ruby-Spears cartoon is live-action and computer-graphic-ized here, then fortified with Jason Lee as the chipmunks' guardian Dave, along with a healthy bit of fecal humor. (The one joke in the trailer involves Alvin eating a little raisin-shaped turd of Theodore's.) (LB) Rated PG


No invading aliens, no mushroom clouds -- yet New York City is distressingly desolate. There is only Robert Neville, alone in the urban vastness with his German shepherd, Sam. Will Smith plays Neville like a man pushing to keep himself too busy to have a breakdown. And when he stops to talk to mannequins just to pretend he's not alone, he'll break your heart. But if he's completely isolated, then why does he shut up his makeshift home every night like a fortress? (MJ) Rated PG-13


A little girl's mother is divorced and needs some cheering up at the holidays. Maybe the department-store Santa could help with some matchmaking? Or maybe Santa could just make his own moves in that department, ya know what I mean? Because even with a bumbling, well-fed elf delivering sidekick slapstick, you just know that Santa's gonna sleigh her. Queen Latifah narrates and Terrence Howard plays Mr. Bah Humbug. (MB) Rated PG

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