by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & SHINE A LIGHT & r & & r & Martin Scorsese's promised "definitive" documentary about the Rolling Stones turns out to be a great-looking, great-sounding record of their "Bigger Bang" concert stop at New York's Beacon Theatre. For the most part, it's a terrific concert, with Mick Jagger proving again what a great front man he is. But the insertion of a few old interview segments does not a "definitive" documentary make. (ES) Rated PG-13


Back before the (relative) legitimization of professional football, the coach/owner of the Duluth Bulldogs (George Clooney) faced a problem. Not only was his team out of money, the whole league was totally suspect. So he hatches a plan to draw a top college quarterback and war hero (John Krasinski) away from Princeton. Looks funny. (LB) Rated PG-13


Jodie Foster in a kids' movie! She plays an adventure writer who's afraid of having adventures. At least Gerard Butler (in full 300 machismo mode) and cute little Abigail Breslin (stranded on a remote island) will be able to teach Foster one valuable lesson: Leaving your apartment can be way scarier than dealing with Travis Bickle or Hannibal Lecter. (MB) Rated PG


Just for kicks, some friends go on an archaeological dig deep, deep in the Mexican jungle. Don't they realize that these ruins continue to be places of human sacrifice? Which can only mean, of course, that creepy-crawly bugs will start slithering inside people's foreheads. Didn't they read the guidebooks' warnings? (MB) Rated R


An Egyptian police band, scheduled to perform in a ceremony, gets lost in a remote Israeli town. Israel wanted this film as its Oscar entry for Best Foreign Film, but was denied on grounds that half the dialogue is in English. Which exemplifies the kind of distrusting, bureaucratic narrow-mindedness that keeps Arab-Israeli relations so chilly. (MB) Rated PG-13

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