by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & IN BRUGES & r & & r & The story of two hitmen who have to lay low in the Belgian town of Bruges after a successful killing. Problem is, Bruges is so damn boring they go stir crazy, causing them to miss a few important phone calls from their employer. Soon, their jumpy target has put a price on their head as well. Colin Farrell seems funny here, rather than a creep, like in all his other movies. (LB) Rated R


With Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman squabbling over who gets to rip off her own bodice faster in order to bed Eric Bana, the movie version of Philippa Gregory's bestseller may amount to a Harlequin romance in Renaissance garb. Then again, the screenplay is by Peter Morgan (The Queen, The Last King of Scotland). Then again again, the romance-novel approach dispenses with any mention of Cardinal Wolsey or Sir Thomas More -- no inconvenient truths here -- and this product was originally skedded for release during Oscar season. (MB) Rated PG-13


An odd-looking contemporary fairy tale about a girl who is born with a piggy little snout and ears as punishment for some indiscretion of her high society parents. When she comes of age, they have quite a time trying to marry her off, what with the entire world knowing how ugly she is and whatnot. Weird little story and a great cast including Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. (LB) Rated PG


Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) is the owner-coach-player of a pro basketball team that's going down the tubes. He tries his best to keep crowds from dwindling by setting up whacked-out promotional stunts -- from outrageous costumes for his team to wrestling bears. There are good comic bits -- some physical, some verbal -- but everyone involved seems to be trying too hard to make this funny, and it comes off as tired. (ES) Rated R

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