by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & CASSANDRA'S DREAM & r & & r & Woody Allen's second un-Woody-Allen film. Set in Britain, self-serious, containing no iconically neurotic stand-ins for Mr. Allen himself, Cassandra's Dream is a story about two brothers who decide to kill a man in order to begin new lives. (LB) Rated PG-13


In a remake of the Hong Kong film Jiam Gui, Jessica Alba plays a blind woman who, in breakthrough surgery, receives new eyes from a cadaver. What no one realizes is that Alba begins to see things that the eyes' previous owner saw. Visions of murderers and scary things make this dramatic horror film twist and turn from visions of reality to visions of monstrosities. (TLM) Rated PG-13


That sound you hear is the screaming of tween girls: Miley Cyrus in concert! You get 3D glasses to watch with! And this time, no scalpers! Of course, the BBW movie (filmed at a Salt Lake City concert) will only be in theaters for one week, because while Disney wants you girls to have your rock-star fantasy, they'd prefer that you attend an actual concert. With a ticket price well over nine bucks. (MB) Rated G


There are a few good pratfalls and a couple of startling visual effects, but this breezy, lightweight comedy about a bride who dies on her wedding day, then comes back as a ghost to make sure her groom stays single is about as forgettable a movie as Hollywood can conjure. Eva Longoria Parker underwhelms as the bitchy ghost, Paul Rudd offers some dry humor as the guy she was to marry, and Lake Bell gives a vanilla performance as the psychic caught between them. (ES) Rated PG-13


Adam Sandler's production team tries to pull an Apatow (even employing a few of his regulars) with a dude-centric trip through the world of nature documentaries. When a low-rent show called Strange Wilderness is notified that it'll be cancelled soon unless the ratings turn around, the team hatches a plan to find Bigfoot. (LB) Rated R

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