by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE & r & & r & Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris tackles Abu Ghraib by obsessively analyzing the thousands and thousands of digital photos taken by those involved. He and his team spent two years researching, interviewing and reporting the stories the press missed. In telling the stories at the margins, the hope is to provide a clearer picture of what went so wrong. (LB) Rated R


The newest Pixar release jumps some 700 years into the future, offering a look at our garbage-strewn planet, a condition so out-of-control, humankind has left. Worker robots were put in place to clean things up, but they, too, left -- except for clunky little Wall-E, who continues the job. But when he's visited by robot probe Eve, his lonely existence makes him go gaga over her. Great storytelling, with very little dialogue, exquisite visuals, a solid sense of humor, and a dash of Hello, Dolly! Ideal for every age imaginable. (ES) Rated G


Russian director Timur Bekmambetov dazzled us with his adrenaline-fueled vampire films Night Watch and Day Watch. Now for his English-language debut, he's made a wild actioner about a dweeby office worker (James McAvoy) who finds out that he's a descendant of an ancient federation of world assassins. Trained by other Federation members, including a slinky, tattooed and very dangerous Angelina Jolie (whew!), he crosses over and joins up. (ES) Rated R

LGBTQ+ in History

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