by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & BAGHEAD & r & & r & This indie horror flick -- of sorts -- is about aspiring filmmakers (some of whom are hot, promiscuous ladies) who go to a cabin in the woods to write the opus that will make them all famous. Things are going well until some dude with a bag over his head starts, like, terrorizing them. Evil Dead meets Scream meets Blair Witch meets the Tao of Steve meets Swimming With Sharks. More or less. (LB) Rated R


Nic Cage is an assassin named Joe. He's going to Bangkok to kill some people. He has second thoughts about killing one particular person, though, when he finds out that guy is a humanitarian and honorable fellow. Joe refuses to do the job, threatens the people that hired him and all hell breaks predictably loose. (LB) Rated R


Film's done a pretty good job of examining the horrors of World War II from all angles. The Rape of Europa takes up on of the few under-examined facets left: the wholesale theft and sometimes destruction of Europe's great pieces of art at the hands of the Nazi war machine. (LB) Not Rated

American Inheritance: Unpacking World War II @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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