John Luther (James Remar) is one of the most famous and influential television evangelists in America; as such, his support is essential to Sen. Donald Harrison's (Bruce Davison) efforts to get his "Faith and Fairness Act" through Congress. When Luther refuses to support the bill, he finds himself framed for the murder of a teenage girl. Luther goes on the run and searches for evidence that will prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Luther's lieutenant makes a bid to take over the ministry.
- Synopsis provided by Internet Video Archive

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  • Daniel Lusko


  • James Remar
  • Raoul Trujillo
  • Dean Stockwell
  • Bruce Davison
  • Fred Thompson
  • Cyd Schulte
  • Mark Sivertsen
  • Debrianna Mansini


  • Gray Frederickson
  • Jerry Simmons
  • Daniel Lusko
  • James Higgins
  • Christian Ostergaard

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