Pete & Belle's Ice Cream Shop

At Pete and Belle's Ice Cream Shop, the ice cream is super-premium, meaning the dessert contains a low percentage of air and high butterfat content. Beyond the 48 flavors on display, there are more than 130 flavors that can be rotated in. Some of the 48 flavors on display are geared toward kids — the red, yellow and blue Superman flavor — while others like the Scotch Ale Caramel Crunch and Iced Latté-Da delight adults. Seasonal flavors like the Snap-O-Lantern — a spicy pumpkin flavor with gingersnap cookies — and eggnog rotate through. Aaron and Rachelle Blackmer, who also own the adjacent Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, named the shop after their children, Peter and Annabelle. (Oct. 2013)