January 13, 2022

Photos of Colfax's Historic St. Ignatius Hospital

Built in 1893 and serving as the main hospital in Colfax, Washington, until the mid-1960s, St. Ignatius has been vacant for the past two decades. That time uncared for has taken its toll, and the building's roof is beginning to cave in.

Rumored to be haunted, the venue has also become a popular locale for ghost tours. Soon, however, it could be transformed into a mixed-use space offering housing, commercial spaces, restaurants, offices and more, as envisioned by current owners Austin and Laura Storm. The Colfax couple bought St. Ignatius in 2021, and have been fundraising since to restore and preserve the five-story structure. 
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Erick Doxey photo
The front facade of St. Ignatius. The hospital sits on a hill on the south end of Colfax.