Prestige Wrestling's Spokane debut, an insane night of 'violence and storytelling'

click to enlarge Prestige Wrestling's Spokane debut, an insane night of 'violence and storytelling'
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Su Yung the Undead Bridge delivers a blow to Drexl.

Some people say that wrestling is fake. But those people are wrong and they hate having fun.

I went to Prestige Wrestling's show on Friday at the Pin, and I can tell you that everything was real. 100 percent. That is, I could perceive the events happening before me and acknowledge that the wrestlers exist in a very tangible way. One of them even patted me on the head!

The night was filled with drama, intense rivalries — and would you believe it, there's even a rematch scheduled for Aug. 2!

Prestige Wrestling owner William Quintana previously told the Inlander, "I specifically book our shows so that you have drama, action, horror, comedy, love stories — you have everything, and it's all intertwined through violence and storytelling."

He wasn't lying.

Here are the highlights:

MATCH 1: Team C4 (Cody Chhun & Guillermo Rosas) and TJ Perkins VS. Sonico, Ethan HD and Jacub Soumis
What a way to start off the night. The action never waned during this match. The fight kicked off in a big way from the very start. The chokeholds, the body slamming, the occasional dude flying across the ring (and out of it), the luchadors! The fight didn't let up until the bitter end.

MATCH 2: Cole Wright VS. Travis Williams
Wow. I've never been to a wrestling match before, but the hatred here for the showboaty Travis Williams (aka "Golden Boy") was palpable. Crowd favorite Cole Wright put in a good effort, but couldn't pull it off in the end. Williams left the stage with a big middle finger to the crowd.
WINNER: Travis Williams

MATCH 3: Jordynne Grace VS. Priscilla Kelly
This match was nothing but fun. These two ladies kept things interesting and entertaining the entire match. The fight began with some serious shade when Priscilla offered to shake Jordynne's hand — after shoving it down her pants. Jordynne was a powerhouse, but Priscilla had speed, and at one point she had Jordynne in a brutal chokehold. Nevertheless, she persisted.
WINNER: Jordynne Grace

MATCH 4: Su Yung VS. Drexl
This fight was something else entirely. You've seen co-ed wrestling matches before, sure. But not like this. Things got out of hand from the start. After some severe trash talking from Drexl ("the Devil Himself!"), Su Yung the Undead Bride unleashed a spray of blood into Drexl's face. Su carried the momentum of the first half of the match all the way, at one point leaving the ring and appearing to literally mop the floor with Drexl's bloodied face across the venue and into the Pin's bar as the audience crowded around her. Once back in the ring, Su used a staple gun to pin $1 bills given to her from the crowd to Drexl's forehead. But it didn't last. Drexl put an end to the humiliation in the second half, returning the sadism by stapling posters of himself to her back. Both made liberal use of the chairs and tables on hand.

MATCH 5: The Eh Team (Lance Pierson & Jackson Price) VS. Wreck You Rangers (Dale Magnum & Pitfall Jones)
The Wreck You Rangers is a play on the Rescue Rangers from famed chipmunks Chip 'n Dale, and the duo dresses for the part. What's not to love? On the other side of the ring is the Eh Team, with local guy Lance Pierson and big guy Jackson Price. Lots of high-flying action here, but my favorite part was watching Price simultaneously chokeslam both of the Rescue Rangers and go for a two-for-one pin.

MATCH 6: Chase James VS. Dave Turner
Lots of drama in this match. An accusation was (apparently) made that Spokane couldn't wrestle. Chase James, a Spokane guy, had to defend his city. Dave Turner, aka the Black Sheep, walked into the ring dressed in armor and wearing some kind of demonic goat mask. The two played some cat and mouse, with Turner looking a little bit apprehensive to start. It was a fun match, but James only won as a result of disqualification. Lucky for us, the two have a scheduled rematch on Aug. 2.
WINNER: Chase James

MATCH 7: Simon Grimm VS. Darby Allin
The main event of the night. Take everything from all of the previous fights and mix them into one, and this is it: athleticism, aerials, dirty fighting, biting, cool costumes, good vs. evil. You can say whatever you want about wrestling, professional or independent. Watching these two dudes go at it reminds you that this is a real sport that requires some serious training and skill.
WINNER: Simon Grimm

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