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What's been your top moment of summer 2021?

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Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Matthew Weaver: I got to visit an emu ranch in Montana.

Dale Damron: Camping on the rim of Flaming Gorge during a rainstorm. Magical.

David Eidy: That time I got to go outside without a mask.

Blaise Barshaw: Traveling and seeing my family and starting Camp Taps Spokane!

Chris Leigh: The four days of cooler weather without smoke.

Neal Schindler: Brunch at The New Moon Co-op Cafe in Olympia was up there. As was watching Son of Godzilla with my son, who, as it happens, looooves all things Godzilla.

Wilma McMahon: Took three of my grandkids on a 3,200-mile trip to visit Yellowstone, Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon.

Andrew Scheldt: Dirt bike riding in the mountains before all the smoke and fires. Looking forward to snowmobiling season, and when it's safe to get back into the backcountry.

Eric Reis: Seeing Primus at the new Riverfront Pavilion. My first concert in a year and a half. Excellent show at an amazing venue.

Marie Anderson: The ending. It was brutally hot this summer.

Mike Ferguson: The light at the end of the tunnel...

Joel Crow: Day trip to Sandpoint.

Kate Pogue Rau: Our first post-Covid (oh, so naive!) concert, her first post-Covid concert, the venue's first: Brandi Carlile at the KettleHouse Amphitheater, on the most beautiful warm summer night. You could feel the buzz as the crowd (and musicians) vacillated between tears and laughter, just so happy to be there as the sun set behind the mountains. Pure magic.

Corey Marcoux: Getting vaccinated. ♦

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