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Where were you when you learned about the 9/11 attacks?

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Chris Cavanaugh: On my way to work. Burst into tears because my son was in the 82nd Airborne stationed at Fort Bragg. Figured he would be heading that way soon.

Brian Cornelius: Watching coverage of smoke coming from the first tower. Then the next fireball occurred, and I said out loud, "We're under attack!"

Sarah Elizabeth Reinland: In Springfield, Virginia, a couple miles from the Pentagon — the exact moment I learned about it was while sitting in the principal's office. Our school went on lockdown.

Ami Elston: I was in sixth grade. My dad called us, and we turned on the TV. My mom made us stay home from school. We watched the news all day.

Patty Wheeler-Rademacher: Sleeping, then my son, who was in the Navy, called and said, "Mom, turn on the TV." Within a minute, the second building was hit. My son then said, "Mom, we are going to war." My heart sank, and I could not turn off the TV. A very sad day for all of us.

Dixie Nordness: At home with my husband watching on TV, and we couldn't believe what was happening. Our trip to NYC with the Corbin Senior Center was scheduled to leave on Nov. 1, and fortunately we were able to go, but there were a few changes in activities planned. Won't ever forget what we saw, including Ground Zero from a distance.

Louisa May: I was at school. We went home early that day. I remember being scared. I kept looking at the sky, wondering if a plane would hit my house. I was 8 years old.

Cheryl Peters: I was getting ready to go to the airport. I was scheduled to fly to New York that day.

Josephine Keefe: I was a junior at Gonzaga Prep and getting ready for school. We watched the news throughout the day. My mom was on Capitol Hill in D.C. at the time and was in the midst of being evacuated when the Pentagon was hit. The day was surreal, out of body, and horribly tragic. We'll never forget. ♦

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