Question of the Week

Who's your favorite Gonzaga basketball player of all time?

click to enlarge John Stockton, back in the day.
John Stockton, back in the day.

Houston Eymann: Steven Gray (Honorable mention to Williams, Goss, Turiaf, Ravio and Bouldin.)

Brian D. Witty: So many greats, but my favorite is probably Matt Bouldin. Close second: Jeff Brown. Solid Zags that were amazing ball players despite their relative lack of athleticism.

Ric Meyer: Adam Morrison

Eric Reis: [Przemek] Karnowski. He anchored the first team to make it to the finals.

Rob Engley: John Stockton, but Adam Morrison was really good during his years with Zags, too.

Haley Fink: Rui [Hachimura]!!!

Katherine Eleanor: Ronny Turiaf!! I love that man; great player and wonderful attitude.

Andrew Vangrimbergen: Mike Hart! The original glue guy!

Carrie Pettibone: I have a lot of favorite players, but Jeremy Pargo is my pick!

Shamra Andrews: John Stockton — my Dad went to Gonzaga when he did.

Terry Duffy: ONE? Are you kidding me? I've been a fan for 40 years... I have a favorite all-time dream team... But ONE? Can't do it. Favorite fan, EASY. MOM.

James Baird: Gotta be Casey Calvary for nostalgic slipper-still-fits value. But they've all been pretty rad.

Emily Clavel: Matt Santangelo

Lyne Nagele: Robert Sacre ♦

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