Question of the Week

What one thing would you add to your workplace to convince people to work there?

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Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Angela Lalonde: Increase in the wage.

Brenda Swader-Doggett: Nice people.

Ashley McNeil: Wages that pay enough to live comfortably, a predictable schedule, and good benefits.

Kicken Westerlund: Free day care.

Steven Kale: Janitorial services.

Heather Wallace: An administration with integrity

Donna Sellers: On-site day care.

Alecia Cräwförd: A paycheck and a puppy.

Clyde Herrington: Better pay. FIRST!

Michele Bowman: Espresso. No more Keurig!

Jim Reincke: Weekly massages. Yeah, that would be pretty awesome.

Matthew Weaver: Um. Nothing. I'm already there!!!

Kat Panza: Good health benefits at a low cost.

Fred DeFord: Everyone says money or something similar to living wage, but everyone wants more of that. There is only one correct answer to the question: How much money is enough? The answer: more! Paying someone $400k per year only results in them wanting $500k. How about an improved work environment? A few more employees so that the thin herd isn't worked too hard, and taking a day off here and there doesn't take an act of Congress? Or a paid lunch hour? Better yet, provide a good lunch regularly? ♦

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