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What's your favorite local historic building?

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Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Joan Mamanakis: [Northern Pacific Railroad] depot in Cheney. (22 I St.)

Terry Parker: I like the armory because I saw Black Flag play there. (202 W. Second Ave.)

Cheryl McManamon: VanMarter building in Lind, Washington. (Second and I Street)

Kristen Piscopo: City Ramp parking garage! (430 W. First Ave.)

Katie Kendrick: McKinley Elementary! (117 N. Napa St.)

Robin Fontaine: The Hallett House in Medical Lake looks like a run-down castle. What's the story there? (623 E. Lake St.)

Theresa Schimmels: The Chancery Building!! (1023 W. Riverside Ave.)

Bridget E C Freeman: The Fox, the Fox, the Fox!!! I went to movies there as a child, my daughter performed onstage there just before renovations, and I work there now. Well worth the time and money to save it! (1001 W. Sprague Ave.)

Dave Koch: The Jensen-Byrd warehouse. (314 W. Riverside Ave.)

Courtney Heitstuman Kramer: The school in Harrison, Idaho. Great Mission Revival style with views of Lake Coeur d'Alene! Would make an amazing boutique hotel or apartments.

Lyne Nagele: Old North Central High School and the old elementary schools replaced in the late '70s with concrete gray buildings. (All have since been demolished.)

Pia Hallenberg: I keep hoping for something very cool to happen to the Jefferson Building on the corner of First Avenue and Jefferson. It's a super cool building and the last big empty building on West First.

Carrie Garcia: The Empire Theater in Tekoa is a pretty cool little local gem. More and more activities, entertainment and community events are being hosted here. ♦

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