Question of the Week

What is the best thing about the Inland Northwest?


The quantity of ski areas in the vicinity. As well as how many breweries I can go by on my way to work.


The outdoors. I love getting out into nature, and right now wildflowers are popping up. In the fall we have mushrooms. I love it.

Do you have a favorite park in town?

I go to Riverside State Park a lot.


My favorite thing about Spokane is the proximity to everything. I can get to downtown in five minutes. I can get to a hike in five minutes. Maybe a little bit longer to a lake. It's just so accessible. I feel like you can get everywhere and do anything in such a short amount of time.


I am from California. I came here to go to Gonzaga and ended up here. My favorite thing about the Inland Northwest is probably all of the water that's around us, which you might not think about. All of the amazing lakes and rivers, and being able to spend summer outdoors in the water is awesome.


I live in Browne's Addition, and I love that there are trails near my house. There are lots of places where I can walk my chunky dog.

Interviews by Jami Nelson
3/16/22, Black Label Brewing Co., 19 W. Main Ave.

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