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Back on the Street -- Remember Rising Times, the newspaper sold by the homeless that was started by a couple of Gonzaga University students last year? Well, it's back, this time run by an Americorps volunteer. Homeless people get to keep much of the proceeds from sale of the paper, so you can actually get something for your spare change. The newest issue comes out on Friday.

Shame on You -- Though there is growing pressure on him from angry parishoners of the Spokane Diocese to release the names of the five priests accused of molesting children over the last 30 years, Bishop William Skylstad was quoted last week as saying that he was hesitant to do so. He said he was worried that revealing names would only "heap shame upon shame." Excuse us, but isn't "shame upon shame" exactly what these sexual predators need to feel? Isn't it about time they endured some of the shame that their victims have been forced to endure for decades? Why does Skylstad -- and by extension, the Church -- continue to protect child-molesting priests and ignore the demands of victims?

What's in a Name? -- If you've seen Laurie Dolan's ads for her run for state Senate from the Sixth District, you may have noticed her reference to her mother -- Spokane Hutchison. That's right, her mom's name was Spokane. We knew there had to be a story behind that. There is.

Dolan's grandfather, Del Carey Smith, loved the city he settled in back in 1896. As a lawyer in old Spokane, he had a lot of clients with special circumstances. One could pay only with a small rock -- which, of course, turned out to be an uncut diamond. When his daughter was born in 1916, he offered his wife a deal. If his wife would name the baby "Spokane," he'd get the diamond cut and placed on a setting. Mrs. Smith, and then Spokane, wore that four-carat ring their entire lives. Even though Dolan's older sister owns the heirloom now, it sure makes a gem of a campaign story.

Bigger, Better? -- Now everybody's all hot and bothered to get Spokane and Coeur d'Alene counted as one metropolitan area. They say the region would be able to compete better for federal funds and economic development. All that sounds great, but where was the excitement back in 1995 when Spokane County rejected a regional government that would have really created a bigger entity, not just the illusion of one?

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