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From Germany, With Love -- If you notice a new street name in Post Falls -- Herborn Place -- you might wonder what it means. Well, it's the name of Post Falls' sister city in Germany. And Herborn's hometown newspaper made notice of the new street in a recent front-page story.

The sister city status has never been officially proclaimed, but the connection is strong enough. Frederick Post, who established a mill on the Spokane River there in 1871, emigrated from -- you guessed it -- Herborn, Germany.

$53 billion -- The Bush administration's July 2002 estimate for the size of the federal surplus by 2005.

$611 billion -- The size of the federal deficit over the next two years, according to President Bush's new budget. This doesn't factor in the cost of a possible war in Iraq.

$1.1 trillion -- The Bush administration's revised, current estimate for the size of the federal deficit by 2008 -- again, not including the cost of a war in Iraq.

$121 billion to $1.6 trillion -- The estimated cost of war in Iraq, depending on its duration, according to a December 2002 study by the American Academy of Arts and Science.

Back On -- The National Debt Clock. The 11-by-26-foot reminder of the nation's debt, located in New York's Times Square, had been turned off when the nation's budget was in balance. Recently it was plugged back in and programmed to register the growing debt.

Neighborly Advice -- If you want to check out the city of Spokane's new Neighborhood Planning Guidebook (a draft version, anyway), drop in tonight at the Champions Room of the Spokane Arena at 6:30 pm. The document was created as part of the comprehensive planning process and gives a boost to the cause of restoring the role of strong neighborhoods in the city's future.

Model Program -- For a program it has developed at its Pocatello Women's Correctional Center, the Idaho Department of Corrections is a national leader. According to University of Cincinnati researchers, the Therapeutic Community program is the second-best of its kind in the U.S. The idea behind the program is that since almost all inmates wind up back in society, why not attempt to change their behavior while they are in jail? Similar programs operate in the state prison in Orofino and in the private jail south of Boise.

Publication date: 02/06/03

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