by Inlander Staff
Sleeping with the Enemy? -- This is as rich as a scoop of French chocolate mousse -- scratch that, we mean freedom chocolate mousse. President George W. Bush is going to spend a night in France later this spring. After all the hoopla about freedom fries and Americans refusing to buy everything from brie to Beaujolais, what gives?

Super Mouse -- Cancer researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina recently made quite a discovery. One of the mice they injected with cancer cells failed to develop cancer -- even after repeated injections. Researchers then bred 700 mice from this first "Super Mouse," and they all were resistant to cancer. Some were sick for a few days after being injected, but ultimately all recovered completely from the cancer thanks to what looks like a super-strong immune system.

This does not mean that a cure for cancer in humans has been found, but it may explain why some people can smoke a pack a day as well as drink and eat everything they want without developing the dreaded disease: It's probably thanks to good genes and a strong immune system.

Watching George -- The Spokane Democratic Party has launched "The Nethercutt Watch" on the party's official Web site,

Party chairman Tom Keefe says people kept calling him asking what was up with George Nethercutt, who is considering a run for the U.S. Senate. "My response is, 'Jeez, how should I know? He once promised to serve three terms in the House and them come home. That was nearly 10 years ago.' "

Guess this means that campaigning has officially begun.

Okay, Go Ahead and Worry -- Donald Rumsfeld isn't easy to rattle. Even the theft of some 170,000 of civilization's most important artifacts only barely earned a deadpan comment that looting happens and that Iraq sure had a lot of old vases in it.

Maybe this bit of looting news would concern him; it should concern you. Buried in the back of a recent edition of the Washington Post was a story about how Iraq's Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center had probably been looted. Defense officials couldn't comment beyond that because they had never dispatched any troops to check on the site, which is 11 miles south of Baghdad and sat unguarded for days.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency believe looters would have found nearly two tons of partially enriched uranium. With a little work, such material could be used as a core for a nuclear bomb -- and be worth a small fortune on the black market. Just a thought, but in the search for weapons of mass destruction, wouldn't a "Nuclear Research Center" be a good place to start?

Publication date: 05/01/03

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