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The Nukular Family -- You may have heard that the energy bill currently winding its way through Congress would jump-start the nuclear energy industry. We had a story on the subject in these very pages ("Your Own Nuclear Idaho," 10/30/03) about a new $1 billion reactor for southern Idaho. What you may not have heard is that you, the American taxpayer, will get to pay for it.

That's right, in a provision crafted behind closed doors and only released to the public last weekend, $7.5 billion in public money would be funneled to build six new nuclear reactors, which would be owned privately. That subsidy, according to the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, would take the form of tax credits; it would cost each American family about $600. There goes most of Bush's tax cut!

Back to Dallas -- John F. Kennedy is back in the news this week: On Saturday, it will be 40 years since his assassination. If you've seen Oliver Stone's JFK or read much on the subject, you know there are more questions than answers surrounding that brutal day. Of course, the Warren Report claims it was all Lee Harvey Oswald's doing. As any good conspiracy theorist will tell you, that's just what they want you to think.

To brush up, you can rent JFK, of course. Or, for a more even-handed approach, watch Frontline's "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?" tonight at 9 pm on PBS. Also tonight at 9 pm, ABC's Peter Jennings will devote two hours to the assassination, reputedly applying modern crime-solving technologies to the mystery. The subtitle is "Beyond Conspiracy," so maybe it's easy to see where that one's heading.

Here in Spokane, we have our very own JFK conspiracy theorist, John Gaetano, and he'll be making three appearances to support his new novel, America the Beautiful. It's a fictionalized take on the past 40 years, connecting the dots among six presidents and the dirty little secret about JFK's murder. It's a massive, 600-plus-page tome, but Gaetano will say this much: Oswald did not act alone.

Gaetano is back living in Spokane after 20 years in Hawaii and Hollywood. You can pick his brain -- and pick up his new book -- at Auntie's on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 1:30 pm; and at the Northpointe Borders that evening at 7 pm. On Friday, tune into KXLY-AM 920 as he'll join Mark Fuhrman at 3 pm for a discussion of the 40-year-old murder mystery.

Publication date: 11/20/03

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