Member since Mar 13, 2015

The Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club is a group of riding enthusiasts with old school biker values and a support group of various professionals who share our values, our legal mission and our purpose. The main purpose of our club is to be politically active, helping to elect and support candidates who share in our concern against legal corruption and law enforcement/government abuses. Our mission is to support the rights of victims of these abuses while calling attention to law enforcement/governmental abuses of citizens. We are law abiding citizens with traditional biker muscle and a willingness to embrace the current state of social unrest. We are a patched group with a “prospect” period for new members while promoting our “colors” with strength and unity with respect for other motorcycle clubs. WE avoid illegal activities that lead to unwanted attention and are establishing ourselves with a significant voice in our community using all forms of legal social discourse to achieve our desired outcomes. To indicate your interest in our club please respond with your name, telephone number, and any questions. Please include a photograph of you and your bike, biking activities and associations. Provide basic, verifiable background information for our consideration of getting to know you as a potential new member. WE will take the necessary time in getting to know you so please be patient. We do have contacts in virtually every riding and political circle in the community so please be completely honest. We show respect and expect respect in return. It is time for accountability from our elected officials and public servants in law enforcement and to “Strike back”!