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Editor's Note: Deciphering medical bills and a new blog

Ever been surprised at the jaw-dropping "Amount You Owe" line on a medical bill? Even seemingly basic health care services can wind up costing you a lot, and it's more than a little discouraging when the "Amount Paid By Your Insurance" is zero because you have yet to meet your deductible.

Twenty percent of working-age Americans with health insurance had problems paying medical bills in the past year, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation/New York Times survey. About a quarter of those reported they had received unexpected claim denials; even more reported they had been surprised to learn that, when the bill arrived, they had inadvertently received care from an out-of-network provider. What's a consumer to do? In Chey Scott's cover story, she explores what an unexpected medical bill meant for a local family, as well as ways to choose the coverage that fits your needs.

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