Readers respond to an Inlander story about improving Spokane's alleyways

Downtown Spokane's Railroad Alley before being spruced up. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
Daniel Walters photo
Downtown Spokane's Railroad Alley before being spruced up.

Readers respond to an Inlander story about a city plan to potentially improve downtown Spokane's alleyways in an effort to make them more sightly and safer ("The Axis of Alleys," 5/16/19):

Darcy Hildebrand: The streets in my neighborhood all are cracked and potholing with no remedial action taken by the city in 14 years. The sidewalks and curbs are crumbling into gravel and have had no remedial action by the city in 14 years. Crime reports for incidents occurring within a half-mile of my residence for this year are 317 percent of what they were over the same period last year. I don't think I care at all what happens to the downtown alleyways. I think it is trivial fluff and wish City Hall would start being more concerned with providing adequate basic infrastructure and safety needs of many of decaying Spokane's neighborhoods. I do not share City Hall's apparent obsession with downtown. If the city cannot provide these very basic municipal services for the residents who are living in decaying neighborhoods, then it is not worth much as a city, no matter how attractive the downtown area is.

Bradley Oiler: As long as minimum wage is less than $1,200 a month take home, there needs to be sub $400 rent in this city. That's more 400-square-foot apartments. Otherwise you might as well put cots in those alleys because that's where people will live.

Charles Riffle: Wonderful, let's fix up the alley ways while the roadways are complete garbage. This city has gone way downhill. There was a time when medians and high edges along main streets were painted with reflective paint, now during bad weather, and darkness, I see people run into them. There are always potholes everywhere — the patchwork is ghetto and what is used in the winter for ice is such cheap garbage it destroys the cheap garbage that are Spokane roadways. So, yes, awesome, let's pretty-up some alleyways.

Donovan Arnold DeLeon: Let's make all of downtown look nice and inviting. Why not have gardens that grow food, rest rooms and have alternatives to dumpsters next to every door.

Daniel Schadenfreude: People up on the hill need to stop crying about downtown. Instead of approaching things as a safety issue approach things as a humanitarian issue.

Linda Jenks: Fix our infrastructure all around. Then worry about safety and so many other far important issues current in Spokane, please.

Jim Wood: My wife and I love downtown Spokane! We would love to see the alleys turned into walkways. More places to explore.

Joey Emily: Clamp down on the drugs, quit trying to appeal to the rich California hipsters, and clamp down on crime, and Spokane will be a better place. Oh, and do something about the homeless problem other than raising the rents and putting more people out on the street. ♦

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