Readers respond to Spokane Public Schools loss of librarians, Sheriff Ozzie's Fox appearance

Readers Respond
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Readers respond to an opinion column lamenting the loss of Spokane Public Schools' librarians ("Closing the Book," 6/6/19):

Angela Lalonde: School librarians are so much more than just people checking in and out books and reshelving them. Our librarians are introducing coding, how to use the internet properly for resources, and a whole host of other things and fostering a love of reading.

Alice Evangelista: Hmm... at the beginning of the school year, as parents buy their kids the required supplies, they are also asked to provide extra supplies for the classroom because of limited or zero funding for supplies. Now our school libraries are on the chopping board too?! Our children get screwed... again!

Carol Bryan: "The district" can promise kids will have the same access to library materials (not to mention support and instruction) but adding to the classroom teacher's already challenging load of meeting so many children's diverse unmet home and learning needs doesn't help teachers or children or our country in the long run.

Reed Friese: The movie Idiocracy used to seem far out there. No handwriting, no librarian. I guess next would be no books. The cuts will keep coming as demand for services like school library dwindles. ♦

Readers respond to an article about Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich's recent remarks on Fox News about state immigration laws ("Who's Defying the Law Anyway?" 6/6/19):

Alex Baffi: You all can blast me all you want for this. He isn't any better than Inslee. This man is violating laws that the people voted for. We have a method of creating and removing laws. You go through the legal process. The minute you start deciding you are above the laws you are tasked to enforce you are no better than those whose laws you disagree with. What's next? Where do we stop?

Tim McHenry: So the almighty Ozzie gets to pick and choose which laws he'll enforce? I can't believe I voted for [him].

Pam Marlow: The federal law trumps a local made-up law any day! I support Ozzie, he's actually following our federal laws. ♦

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