Readers respond to an opinion article by Robert Herold on separating migrant children from their parents

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Readers respond to an opinion article by Robert Herold on separating migrant children from their parents ("Humanity Detained," 6/27/19):

Andy Rumsey: When did so many of us become so casually cruel? It is amazing to watch the mental contortions that justify the treatment of these children. There is no rationale that will wash our hands of this. We are beyond who started it, though we know this policy is a shift under the current administration. We are in this present moment and it's up to us to stop it.

Tom Robinson: When constituents call Cathy McMorris Rodgers' office, they are told the Democrats are withholding funding for proper housing. The federal government is already paying $750 a day per kid to house these children. She is flat out lying.

Gary Buck: Wouldn't it be amazing if Democrats and Republicans could put politics aside and really deal with the problems facing our country. I think we need term limits. Our political class is always more worried about re-election, not doing the job we sent them to Washington to do.

Jess Ponikvar: It's scary that this needs to be explained to other Americans who find it fashionable to be mean-spirited and selfish.

Emily Stüber: What is striking is the arrogance; this administration's delusional mindset that these children will never grow up to be adults who will tell their story. Stunning.

Ron Van Tassel: It's not considered a "gulag," prison or a concentration camp when all you have to do to avoid it is simply walk the other direction. At what point do you blame the child's parent for putting their kid into that position. It's common knowledge what will happen to you if you cross the border.

Donald Morgan: "They are running gulags, without having the decency to call them what they are." Hyperbolic nonsense. Gulags are what the NKVD and KGB used for political dissidents, jailed and tortured without any rights. That is so not what is going on!

Wayne Stockdale: Anyone who is arrested for doing something illegal in the United States is separated from their children! Why is this different? ♦

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