Readers respond mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward's claim about sex trafficking at the STA Plaza

Young Kwak photo
STA Plaza
Readers respond to mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward’s claim that there is “a lot of sex trafficking” at the STA Plaza and the transit authority’s objection to that claim (, 7/13/19):

Mike Patton: I love what Nadine says! Every time she talks she is further and further from becoming mayor. Keep talking Nadine! We love hearing about what rattles around in that head of yours!

Donald Morgan: Just hang out there for a few days (I worked right next door for five years) and you can see she is right.

Aaron Brecek: I don't support much of what she says, but she is right on this issue.

Brandi Key: About 15 years ago a man at the Plaza asked me if I was working. I was a naive college kid so it took about 10 minutes of conversation before I understood his question.

Theresa Anne: So if you get rid of the Plaza would you relocate the transit station to East Sprague or Hillyard? They have been trying to relocate the Plaza for years because the real estate is valuable. Consider how that would impact the lives of working people who don't have access to cars.

Dustin Jay Linhart: Maybe if the police substation were put back and the Plaza was used for what it was originally meant for and loitering laws were re-established for all of downtown it would be a pleasant place to wait for a bus.

Tiffany Brown: Is she trying to win like the orange one did? Lies, deceit and outlandish claims to scare people into thinking she's gonna "make Spokane great again"? This is nuts!

Dave Williams: Each time Ms. Woodward conjures an issue, I'm struck with how similar her playbook is to Trump's method of inciting crowds with fear and hatred. There is never evidence or reason behind it — only red meat for the uninformed. ♦

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