Readers respond to Spokane's growth, Rep. Matt Shea's conspiracies

Readers Respond
Christian Wilson
Rep. Matt Shea, Republican of Spokane Valley


We moved here from, dare I say, California 15 years ago. We had been looking all over the Western United States for 10 years and one day noticed where Spokane was on the map. Close to Canada, away from major cities and in the Pacific Northwest where we had dreamed of living for most of our lives. Decided to visit and never looked back. It had a sweetness and friendly personality that overwhelmed us. We walked around downtown on a Sunday and it was practically empty. Everyone here seemed genuinely happy. People actually waved to each other on the highway.

Things have changed. It seems our current mayor and council care only for the dollars growth brings and care little, if at all, about the quality of life for those who have lived here a while. Hoopfest didn't use to be the extravaganza it is today and the Amazon Fulfillment Center will change things here in ways still unforeseen. You can already see the increase of traffic on Interstate 90.

Adding a Sportsplex to Spokane (referring to "The Gauntlet," last week's cover story) in hopes of attracting even more tourism and ultimately more residents will make everything worse.

The personality of the city has changed and is continuing to change. More crime, more drugs, more homeless. Our city's motto "Near nature, near perfect" isn't as true as it once was and may soon not be true at all. I've heard it said, "If you're not growing, you're dying," but growth comes at a cost and should be balanced.

David Wallace

Cheney, Wash.

Readers respond to more news that Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea planned to track his political adversaries in preparation of a possible civil war in the creation of a Christian 51st state:

Christina Weber: Geez. That Shea article sounds like he's trying to start up Gillead from The Handmaid's Tale. How is he a representative of this state!?

Chris Dutton: Can't somebody run this guy out of office by just promising to do the job of state rep? No matter the party. Just run on a platform of, "I will do my job instead of all this nonsense."

David Shuey: Composing an overthrow of the government that includes a possible civil war and then creating a new state that is based on Christianity sounds like treason to me! He not only needs to be removed from office but needs to be thrown in prison!

Gene Tucker: Good job, Spokane Valley! It's not as if people didn't know before the election that Shea was a dominionist nut.

Mary K. Simmons: Has anyone informed these people that establishing a religion in the United States of America is against the Constitution? And if they want to even try they are going to have a war and a half on their hands because I will fight for the rights of myself and non-Christian believers alike... I know there's a lot of other people who would as well.♦

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