Readers respond to Gov. Inslee's announcement to run for a third term and to developer Larry Stone's 'Curing Spokane' video

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Readers respond to an article in the Inlander about Gov. Jay Inslee's run for a third term and how state Republicans think the governor could be vulnerable ("Consolation Prize?," 8/27/19):

Matt Wolohan: If Inslee wants to get Democratic votes from Northeast Washington, he's going to have to have a mea culpa moment. His hypocritical stance on the silicon smelter proposal in Newport has soured many liberals up here. A challenger in the primary may be in order if he stands pat on his position.

Jorma Knowles: If anything, Inslee is stronger than ever statewide, since he just recently boosted his name recognition and credibility quite a bit. Good luck, Washington GOP. You're gonna need it.

Steve Warner: We will be stuck with this clown for a third term. The idiots in King County will see to that.

Xavier Case Corrick: The same Republicans whining about Inslee remain silent on fascist Matt Shea.

Kathy Fluaitt Schaal: I'm waiting for him to denounce his dirty little secret, his Canadian-built and -run coal-burning silicon smelter that will blow all over Sandpoint, Lake Pend Oreille, even Priest Lake. And the pollution going into Newport from the coal trucks is off the charts. Let's join the Kalispel Tribe in stopping him. ♦

Readers respond to an article on about developer Larry Stone's video "Curing Spokane" (8/29/19):

Karen Mobley: This is slanted. Spokane's downtown is a hub for arts and culture, unique shopping and wonderful events. We're dealing with the problems of most American cities. Spokane can and will be better. Let's get together rather than bashing one another.

Joshua Aaron VanVeen: What Spokane needs on one end (and these are things that all major cities in Washington state need) is to have affordable housing, expanded mental health care, better drug treatment facilities, and a job placement program similar to Labor Ready for the homeless and anyone else who needs a job. On the other end, we do need some enforcement.

Jefferson Coulter: Compassion = bigger jail? Maybe compassion = more treatment beds for people with mental health and addictions so that they don't end up on the street again. Wouldn't that be cheaper, compassionate, and solve the problem?

Gene Brake: Just more rich landowners and developers trying to insert themselves into Spokane politics. Follow the money. ♦

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