Readers respond 'Curing Spokane' video, and to a constitutional 'reset'

click to enlarge A screengrab of the short video "Curing Spokane" released late last month on YouTube.
A screengrab of the short video "Curing Spokane" released late last month on YouTube.


Doesn't anyone remember their Psych 101 education? Econ 101? How about common sense? The carrot and the stick? Pavlov's dog? If you pay someone for not working, they won't work. Incentive to work has been removed.

If you take someone's money they earned by working to give to those who don't, they won't work. Incentive to work has been removed. Eventually no one works and the state fails. Socialism, throughout history, has always failed. The list of failed socialist states is very long. Yet, cities in the U.S. have learned nothing from those lessons. They have been spending millions of our taxpayer dollars on programs like subsidized housing, free medical care, welfare, bigger jails, needle exchange programs, etc. for decades and the problems have become much worse.

We have not helped people in need, we have enabled the behaviors we wish to abate. Look at San Francisco and Seattle as examples of how things get worse when "freebies" are given. Those programs are a proven failure.

Let's not allow Spokane to be the next example of failure. Instead, to "Cure Spokane," try this novel idea: Cut off the freebies entirely. It's tough love.

Watch how the people who came for freebies, and stayed for freebies, leave. Watch how people who want freebies don't come here in the first place. Imagine walking in our beloved downtown, with our "new" Riverfront Park, without getting hit up for money by a meth addict or worrying about your car being broken into or worse. Let common sense prevail.

Wes Wilkerson
Spokane, Wash.


A jubilee is an ancient tradition that was a time of debt forgiveness, the freeing of slaves and the land to lay fallow, usually after seven cycles of seven. Debt is used as a metaphor for sin. Our relationship with the land is about stewardship and not ownership. Resetting the financial system is nothing new. It was done in 1971 when we left the gold standard.

In an election year with extreme debt, student loans, sabre rattling brinkmanship and a so-called (left/right) populist environment, we are long overdue for a correction or reset of our Constitution, not just amendments.

Circumstances and their results require it.

Max Tuggle
Spokane, Wash.

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