Readers respond to author Jess Walter's guest column on the Spokane mayoral election

Author Jess Walter. - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO
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Author Jess Walter.

Readers respond to an opinion by author Jess Walter ("Who Runs This Place," 10/3/19) that next month's mayoral election is a battle between "old and new Spokane":

Blaise Barshaw: As the [title] says, and the posts below prove, it is a battle of old and new Spokane. But old Spokane needs to accept that they are on the way out, so it helps everyone to try and work together to both share in the new opportunities and curb the other inevitable social issues to accommodate the process. Fighting and name calling helps nothing.

David Backus: Let's look at the policies of failing big cities like L.A. and Seattle where no one can afford to live and homelessness and drug addiction is soaring... do they have "forward" leadership too?

Miguelito Es Sorre: Don't you mean a battle between various elitist entities neither of which will bring meaningful change where it actually matters. Good restaurants and art festivals are not the benchmark for uplifting the fallen.

Brendan Flynn: Spokane is a drug and crime infested shithole.

Drew Swayne: Spokane is the best it has ever been, which is why I moved my family back here. Let's keep it up, and keep moving forward!

Adam J. Vincent: Vote Nadine Woodward. Get the scummy political a-holes that keep destroying this place outa here.

Ron Tussey: Thanks for writing this Jess. Your comments are dead-on and insightful.

Steven Kale: Thank you Jess. There's nothing worse than a declining city core, neglected by those who flee to the suburbs.

Adam J. Vincent: Hilarious... welcome to Spokane's wannabe big city politics and its downfall.

Ron Tussey: Trump playbook. Build a wall. The homeless will pay for it. ♦

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