Readers respond to Rep. Matt Shea's rhetoric and to a new program that releases low-risk defendants from jail

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State Rep. Matt Shea


It seems as though Matt Shea may have been radicalized when he served in the Iraq War ("Domestic Terrorist?," 12/26/19). He saw how well intimidation and guns worked on suppressing folks. So, here's a state representative, communicating in code, establishing military-style tactics to overcome the unwashed masses, professing the notion to kill all non-Christian believing male babies in a planned "holy war," in a country where freedom of religion is built into the Constitution and somehow this doesn't seem the least bit nutty to a whole district of voters.

Matt Shea is the American Christian version of an ISIS imam trying to form his own caliphate here in the Inland Northwest. Period. He is an extremist Christian zealot.

Steve LaCombe,
Spokane Valley, Wash.

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Spokane County Jail

Readers respond to an Inlander article about a new program in Spokane designed to keep low-risk defendants out of jail ("Free to Go," 12/26/19):

Darcy Hildebrand: If the rate of crime drops, then it may be working. If the rate of crime increases, then it is not working. If the rate of crime stays the same, then it is not working. That should be the criteria used to evaluate this system. Unfortunately, we have a City Council that would prefer to deal with crime by decriminalizing crime.

Dale Damron: The article highlights an important follow-up question... Why should jails be used for anything except public safety risks? Let's discontinue this nonsense of using incarceration for people we're angry at.

David James Beach: Council President Breann Beggs allows District 2 in the downtown area to be crime-ridden and doesn't give a crap.

Jude Slater: When justice and imprisonment are for-profit businesses in the U.S., don't be surprised someone is making a ton of money in keeping crime profitable. ♦

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