Riverview Thai

After many successful years at the Flour Mill, Riverview Thai has moved up the river to Riverwalk, the site of the now-defunct Bayou Brewery. The Khao Tom ($9.45) was a lovely Thai version of chicken and rice soup, with fragrant jasmine rice and ground chicken in a rich chicken broth, flavored with green onion, celery, garlic and cilantro. The Gaeng keow wahn ($11) with chicken combines green curry sauce with green peas, bamboo shoots, bell pepper and fresh basil -- a successful dish with the fragrant taste of the Thai basil dominating. The pahd si-ew ($10.45) consists of fried rice noodles, chicken, broccoli and eggs. The sauce for this dish was sweet and lacked any hint of heat. Dinner on the lawn near the river was lovely, but an awkward arrangement for the wait staff. Nevertheless, service was friendly. 1003 E. Trent. Call: 922-4935. (LM)

The Cosmopolitan Caf & eacute;

The Cosmopolitan is a friendly, casual and contemporary oasis with healthy, inventive salads and a great selection of sandwiches. The salad bar ($6.50) features roughly a dozen different freshly made creations (leafy green, corn and black bean, fruit, beet and walnut, penne with pesto and pine nuts, asparagus, etc.) The salads were uniformly interesting and delicious. The Chicago's Revenge (all sandwiches are $6.50), a meatball sandwich, was a combination of tender meatballs, thick, tangy red sauce, chopped onions, peppers and shredded mozzarella on a sturdy six-inch sandwich roll. Terrific (and fast) service seems to be the norm. 321 S. Dishman-Mica Road. Call: 922-4935. (MC)

Jimmy D's

Jimmy D's has a new logo and name -- Stonegrill at Jimmy D's. The innovation? Each of the special plates has an inset of volcanic granite that is heated to 750 degrees. Upon this rock is your choice of beef or seafood, just seared on the outside. As you cut your food, you cook each bite a second or two on each side. Entrees are served with fresh vegetables and the starch of the day. There are a number of beef selections, including a New York cut ($19) and a ribeye ($18), but the filet mignon is billed as the ultimate Stonegrill experience (petite $17, large $19 and super $23). The ultimate surf and turf, a petite filet with the ahi tuna steak, was among the best tuna preparations I have had. The steak was similarly perfect, the Angus beef as tender as butter. I really found no need for the sauces, although they were tasty. 320 Sherman Ave., CDA. Call: (208) 664-9774. (LM)

Pete's Pizza plant #2

Pete's doesn't look like much from the outside. Or the inside, either. But who cares? It's the calzones, dummy. Eat in or get 'em to go, because they are huge, flaky and delicious -- possibly, the best in Spokane. The Cheeseless calzone ($5.45) was a low-cal winner with red sauce and choice of any three filling items (we chose spinach, fresh mushrooms and kalamata olives). The $5.95 lunch special (served from 11 am-4 pm) is a good deal and consists of a salad and a mini-calzone (with your choice of three regular toppings). It was delicious and just the right size for lunch. 2328 W. Northwest Blvd. Call: 326-1900. (MC)

Chef in the Forest

The aptly named Chef in the Forest is like a big lake cabin, with all the quirks and charms that might present. The dining room has a beautiful view of Hauser Lake. The menu relies on tried-and-true classics, and entrees include a choice of soup or salad. The roast duckling ($22) was served with a brandy and fresh raspberry sauce. The duck had crispy skin, with moist tender meat underneath. The rich duck was sturdy enough to accompany the very sweet brandy sauce, and a few fresh raspberries added a delightful vibrant tanginess. The accompaniments were noteworthy both for their abundance and quality: fresh candied carrots, fresh green beans with sliced almonds, and potatoes Anna, a whole potato cooked in chicken stock, topped with Parmesan and toasted under the broiler. Service was excellent. 12008 N. Woodlawn Beach Dr. Call: (208) 773-3654. (LM)

Sam's on Regal

Sam's on Regal is comfortable and unpretentious. The lemon pepper pasta ($9.75), a house specialty, consisted of fresh lemon pepper linguine tossed in brown butter with myzithra cheese. The simple pasta dish stood up, bite after lemony bite, with the mild, almost smoky myzithra, a well-chosen companion to the zing of the lemon pepper pasta. Other interesting menu options included a chicken breast stuffed with basil and goat cheese ($15) and the smoked salmon penne with porcini mushrooms and penne in a gorgonzola cream ($14). 2901 E. 57th. Call: 443-1881. (LM)

Capsule reviews are written by Lauren McAllister (LM) and Mike Corrigan (MC), unless otherwise noted.

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